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tAXNESIA Center is tax center and tax advisor for the solution of taxation issues through tax research and tax advisory.


Tax Knowledge Platform

This website, taxnesia.com, is our tax knowledge platform as part of our tax research for Indonesia’s taxation with the focus on domestic and international tax planning.

The website is a platform where we share our tax expertise in Indonesia’s domestic tax issues from personal income tax until supply chain management and also international tax issues from transfer pricing until cross-border tax planning.

As part of tax planning approach, the website will do research on specific issues to understand various tax issues in Indonesia.

Tax Advisory 

For tax advisory, the service is based on the expertise and experience for both domestic and international taxation with focus on tax planning and dispute resolution. We also deliver tax training that will help anyone to understand any taxation issues.

About Our Website

  • Founder / Editor In-Chief :

Andreas Adoe

Andreas started his career in Indonesia’s tax authority (Directorate General of Taxes) as tax official and continued his career at Big Four in Jakarta as tax consultant before working at IBFD  (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) as tax researcher in Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur. Currently, he is a tax lecturer of fiscal study program at University of Indonesia.

He is a tax professional with more than 15 years of experience in Indonesian taxation and international taxation including tax treaty, international tax planning and transfer pricing. He also has license as tax attorney at Indonesia’s Tax Court.

Andreas  graduated from State College of Accountancy (Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara), with diploma in taxation and accounting, and later continued his study with a bachelor’s degree of accountancy from University of  Indonesia and an LLM degree of international taxation from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Since he Iikes  to share his expertise, he has published numerous articles for Indonesia’s domestic taxation as well as international taxation in national newspaper,  taxation journals and other publications.

  • Contributors :

Endang Dwi Ari

Endang received her diploma in accountancy from State College of Accountancy before receiving a bachelor’s degree in management from University of Diponegoro. She eventually continued her study to get a master’s degree in public policy planning from University of Indonesia.

Moh Makhfal Nasirudin

Makhfal is a graduate from State College of Accountancy who later earned his master’s degree from National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Tokyo, Japan.

Dyah Kusumaningsih

Dyah earned a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Diponegoro University before she took a master’s degree in taxation from Dauphine University in Paris, French. She finally managed to get an LLM degree in tax law from Queen Mary University of London,United Kingdom

Kartika Sukmatullahi

Kartika is a graduate from the Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia, majoring in fiscal study. She has been involved in numerous campus activities including student summer exchange program abroad and also had work experience as lecturer assistant.

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